Why Ongoing Education is Key to Survival

Why Ongoing Education is Key to Survival

Education is Key to Company Survival

Why Ongoing Education is Key to Survival for you as an individual and for your company. For too many years ago if it was suggested that employees who had been in their position for a while receive any new training it was often seen as some kind of punishment; that the individual was lacking in some area, or missing a skill that they needed to catch up on. Therefore the attitude that both employees and employers had to participate in ongoing learning was rather a negative one.

Times have changed, however, and now any savvy company knows that ongoing education is not only a good idea but something that is crucial to their business’ growth and even to its very survival.

Why Ongoing Education is Key to Survival?

Why is ongoing education in business such an important growth factor in the 21st century? Here’s a look at just some of the most important reasons.

To Maintain Employee Engagement and Job Satisfaction

Why Ongoing Education is Key to Survival

Maintain Employee Engagement

Today’s employees are something of a different breed to those working years ago, especially in the Millennial and Gen Z demographics. They expect more than a good paycheque, they expect opportunities to grow within a company and to have their abilities developed and ‘stretched’. In other words, they are up for a challenge, and if their jobs do not offer that it’s very likely they will become bored and begin looking for something else.

By offering continuing education to its employees businesses can help ensure that they keep them engaged and excited about what they do. Employee satisfaction and retention are vital if a company wants to grow and in some industries and niches the best talent is in very short supply, so investing in engaging continuing education programmes to retain top talent is a good move indeed.

Why Ongoing Education is Key to Survival

The Times They Are A Changing … Fast

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace in the 21st century. A software that was a brand new innovation a few years ago may now be sadly outdated, so in order to keep up businesses have to move with the times, and so do its employees. By ensuring that continuing educational opportunities are in place to help employees keep up with the latest in technology, best management practices and more a company needs to ensure it keeps abreast – or even gets ahead of – its competitors at all times.

Why Ongoing Education is Key to Survival

Continuing Education at Work Pays Off in Terms of Performance

Why Ongoing Education is Key to SurvivalStudy after study all over the world has been able to demonstrate the links between continuing workforce education and organisational performance. For example, a recent study conducted in the UK by the Manpower Services Commission found that the high-performing companies in terms of revenue spent 8.9 days training per person per year versus 2.8 days for low-performing companies in the same niche.

Why Ongoing Education is Key to Survival

To Foster Employee Development

Human resource departments tend to spend a lot of time thinking about things like succession planning and employee career tracks and such things are important to smaller companies as well. By ensuring that those individuals who are identified as having the potential to move ahead receive the proper training and education they need allowing a business to keep its plans for the future on track and help ensure that the company continues to grow. Ongoing Education is the Key to Survival.


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