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The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Distancing

The Do's and Don'ts of Social Distancing

The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Distancing, know them now and keep yourself safe. While we are several weeks ‘behind’ other countries the threat of COVID19 – aka Coronavirus – in South Africa is now very real. We do have an advantage over countries like Italy, Spain and the United States though. We can begin implementing the social distancing process that experts feel is one of the keys to minimizing the impact of the virus far earlier than these nations did.

Just what social distancing is, is confusing for many people. Is it quarantine? Do you have to lock yourself up in a room away from the world? Can you go out? Is it still OK to go to the supermarket, the gym or to church? Here are some dos and don’ts we hope will help clear the confusion up:

The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Distancing

What is Social Distancing?

It’s a rather fancy way of saying that people should avoid close contact with others. This means that you should avoid mass gatherings or any other meet-ups in places where lots of people may congregate – places like cinemas, concerts, gyms, malls, and yes, the church. When you do go out in public, the idea is to maintain a two-meter radius of ‘personal space’.

The Do's and Don'ts of Social Distancing

The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Distancing

What is the Point of Social Distancing?

It’s annoying and it’s hard to get used to, but in the effort to deal with the Coronavirus social distancing is very important. According to health experts from all over the world, including here in SA, social distancing can slow the spread of the virus down by giving it fewer opportunities to jump from person to person.

The idea is that social distancing should delay some inevitable infections until better treatments — or even a vaccine — are developed, and it will reduce the chances that healthcare systems will be swamped with more patients than it can handle at once.

Many people who contract COVID19 suffer only mild symptoms – and some suffer none at all – but those who are more affected get very sick indeed and need to make use of ventilators and other equipment that is in short supply everywhere.

The Dos and Don’ts of Social Distancing

So, to the important part. How do you ‘do’ social distancing. Here are some of those dos and don’ts we mentioned:

The Do's and Don'ts of Social Distancing
  • If you can work from home, DO so.
  • DO avoid any large social gatherings. How large? Opinion varies here, but 10-25 is a good rule of thumb.
  • DON’T make plans to go on a cruise, or, in fact to undertake any unnecessary travel. Now is the time to stay at home as much as you can.
  • DON’T assume that just because someone has no symptoms and seem fine they are not infected.
  • DO stay at least two meters away from all other people (partners and kids, for the most part, excepted)
  • DO aggressively wash your hands if you do have to go to a public place with high-touch areas like the supermarket or pharmacy.
  • DO stay in touch with friends and family, just at a distance. People holed up at home can video and phone chat with friends and loved ones. They can offer support verbally or actively, by sharing contact information or dropping food or goods off to neighbours who might not be able to go out themselves.
  • DON’T think that social distancing means never go outside. Remember social distancing is trying to keep your distance from other humans and not the trees, the wind, and the birds. Hike, run, walk, just keep your distance from people.
  • DON’T Panic. Guidelines will change – the experience of other countries has shown us that. Keep up to date with the latest information by watching the news – but not too often, that’s simply stressful – and following official government guidelines for your area.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Distancing

This is indeed a very tough time for many people, and it is up to each one of us to do the best we can. Keep positive, think of others, keep your mind and body active. Even if you cannot go outside to exercise, start an exercise programme at home, try to ingest vitamin C and healthy food, drink plenty of water, read, start a new hobby, and spread positive thoughts.

Wishing you well during this difficult time.

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