Basic Primary Healthcare

Based on your organisation’s size and specific needs, AfroCentric Fastpulse offers your employees basic primary healthcare services through on- or off-site clinics, mobile or pop-up clinics, or the workplace itself.

Employees are provided with access to primary health services to manage common conditions and to assist in voluntary behavioural changes, which reduces their health risk and/or enhances their ability to perform at work.

Proactive, preventative, and managed care is provided including external referral where necessary at company/scheme cost.

On-site primary healthcare and wellness education is delivered by a Registered Professional Nurse with a dispensing license to dispense applicable medication if required by the company.

The following services can be provided:

  • Treatment of minor illnesses or appropriate referral of employees requiring higher levels of medical care
  • Systematic screening and referral for further care
  • Annual flu vaccinations
  • Follow-up on abnormal results from Health Risk Assessments
  • Provision of medication

Let AfroCentric Fastpulse take care of your employees’ health so small issues don’t become huge problems.

Health education

When your staff know better, they make better decisions for their health and wellbeing.

AfroCentric Fastpulse is well placed to offer your team credible information around HIV/AIDS education and awareness, health and safety practices, health coaching for specific issues the employee might be facing, health campaigns in line with national campaigns, and employer specific health campaigns.

Call us today and let us empower your employees with the information that could improve and save their lives!

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    Chronic Disease Management

    Unknown or untreated chronic diseases or non-compliance with medication can significantly affect the ability of employees to function optimally, resulting in absenteeism and presenteeism. Chronic disease management in this setting would typically include:

    • Compliance monitoring for those employees who are known to have a chronic condition and/ or known to be on medication for the condition
    • Bio-markers will be checked for employees with a chronic condition
    • Liaison with company disease management programmes and referrals made accordingly


    • Increased knowledge about health and healthcare among the employees.
    • Reduced risk and effects of continuing health conditions, and maintenance or improvement of the capacity to work from a health perspective
    • Improvement in productivity.
    • Reduced risk and effects of chronic health conditions

    Management of Injuries on Duty (IOD)

    Injuries on Duty (IOD) are an unfortunate reality of working life. AfroCentric Fastpulse assists with the treatment of your employees who suffer IODs at on-site clinics within clinic operating hours. This treatment includes follow-up dressings and treatment.

    For after-hours incidents, a separate referral and follow-up procedure will apply. We will work with your on-site first-aiders to ensure that the correct IOD procedure is implemented, which complies with the relevant legislation. We will also see to it that your first-aid boxes remain fully stocked.

    We can assist your company by providing COIDA claims management services.


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    Trust AfroCentric Fastpulse to ensure that your business ticks all the boxes when it comes to the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Our expertise extends across multiple industries.


    We provide GP- and nurse-based basic healthcare to your employees including chronic disease monitoring and referral, health education, and emergency services.


    We take expert care of your organisation’s wellness needs through the implementation of health promotion programmes, by providing Executive Wellness Programmes for senior management, and offering Employee Assistance Programmes relevant to your business.