Occupational Health
Consultancy Services

Our Occupational Medicine consultants provide your company with the following:

  • Reviewing policies, procedures, and guidelines
  • Reviewing medical surveillance matrices and updating these as per legislative requirements and the outcomes of Health Risk Assessments
  • Providing recommendations based on health assessment outcomes
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Advising and consulting on matters related to employee wellness

Health Risk Assessments

Employers are required to conduct occupational health risk assessments to identify potential hazards in the workplace and to quantity the associated risks.

In designing a Health Risk Assessment programme for your company, AfroCentric Fastpulse works with yourmanagement team to ensure a thorough understanding of your business and correct assessment of your unique risks.

Our Health Risk Assessments comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act (No 85 of 1993) and include the following:

  • Workplace designs and systems
  • Medical surveillance matrices
  • Man-job specifications
  • Occupational hygiene surveys
  • Assessment and evaluation of risks
  • Assessment of controls

Once the assessment has been completed, we provide documented findings, advice on risk mitigation and change management processes, recommendations, and implementation plans. Get in touch with us today!

Medical Surveillance

Employees are required to undergo medical surveillance if exposed or potentially exposed to occupational hazards or if they are at risk of developing a health condition because of workplace exposures.

Our Medical Surveillance Programmes are designed to be risk-based and comply with statutory and industry standards.

Fitness adjudication is based on a review of risk exposures to determine whether an employee is physically and psychologically fit to perform the required job/s.

We include the following in a risk-based medical, designed to meet the needs of each client:

  • Classification into pre-employment, annual, periodic and exit medical assessments
  • Health screening assessment – health risk questionnaire (medical history, occupational history, hazard exposures)
  • Fatigue questionnaires
  • Physical examination including BMI assessment, vital signs testing, urine dipstick
  • Vision screening
  • Audiometric tests (hearing) – pre-employment, periodic and exit
  • Spirometry for lung function – pre-employment, periodic and exit
  • Biological testing as per risk exposure in workplace
  • Drug testing (if a Substance Abuse Policy can be provided by requesting company)
  • Referrals for further medical intervention; and
  • Issuing of a Certificate of Fitness and annexure three document (where applicable).

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    Incapacity Management

    Incapacity is present when an employee is unable to fulfil the inherent requirements of the job; this may be on the grounds of ill health or simply poor performance.

    AfroCentric Fastpulse supports your company in the assessment and management of incapacity claims in line with labour legislation. A qualified occupational medical conducts the incapacity assessment and review of the employee.

    Our clinical team performs the following:

    • Liaise with treating healthcare professionals and gather all relevant reports and documents
    • Work closely with the occupational medical in establishing the extent and duration of the incapacity, the prognosis for Return to Work, and probable maximum medical improvement
    • Drive the Fitness to Work process, using the available company structures and access to medical records
    • Provide Fitness to Work adjudication expertise, considering all the facts of the case
    • Only apply clinical medical involvement to clarify or verify medical findings in the records.

    A comprehensive report is compiled and issued to the referring manager/ HR official. The report specifies the expected duration of the incapacity and whether the employee is fit to continue working. Management is also advised on how to reasonably accommodate employees in alternative positions, if needed. Further support includes assisting managers in incapacity counselling sessions with employees.



    Matters arising under the COID Act 130 of 1993 will be dealt with through our COID management partner.

    COIDA administration will be provided and will include:

    1. Claim Management Services
    2. Assessment Review Services

    We provide ongoing support, advice and instruction to key management staff through regular feedback reports.


    Disability Management

    Disability Management

    A disability is a long-term or recurring physical or mental impairment, which substantially limits prospects of entry into, or advancement in employment.

    AfroCentric Fastpulse appoints a consultant to assist your company in assessing incapacitated employees to determine whether they qualify for disability benefits.

    A Disability Management Report is issued to the insurer, where required, providing a medical opinion of the extent of the disability, the expected duration of the disability and the opportunities available for reasonable accommodation, if any.

    Disability Management

    Occupational Hygiene Programme

    Occupational Hygiene Programme

    An effective occupational hygiene programme identifies stressors and hazards in the workplace and is crucial to managing any professional working environment.

    AfroCentric Fastpulse provides you with the highest standard for risk-based consulting in occupational hygiene. We focus on chemical, biological, physical, and ergonomic stressors to give you insight into the hazards facing your employees and offer you advice on how to address these challenges.

    We will conduct occupational hygiene surveys at your business in accordance with the OHS Act (No 85 of 1993). AfroCentric Fastpulse can help keep your staff safe around the clock. Contact us today!

    Occupational Hygiene Programme


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    Trust AfroCentric Fastpulse to ensure that your business ticks all the boxes when it comes to the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Our expertise extends across multiple industries.


    We provide GP- and nurse-based basic healthcare to your employees including chronic disease monitoring and referral, health education, and emergency services.


    We take expert care of your organisation’s wellness needs through the implementation of health promotion programmes, by providing Executive Wellness Programmes for senior management, and offering Employee Assistance Programmes relevant to your business.