How to Set-Top Health Goals for 2021

How to Set Top Health Goals for 2021

How to Set-Top Health Goals for 2021 is as we have learnt from recent history perhaps our number one goal for 2021. It has been, to say the least, a strange year. 2021 will hopefully be better. And while a lot of the media stories you are seeing and hearing right now focus around COVID-19 and what can be done to stop it in 2021 it is important to remember that your overall health is just as important. This is why even in the year of a pandemic you should start thinking about setting yourself some general health goals for 2021. 

Your health goals can range from fast, five-minute habits to consistently exercising for a few hours. There are a lot of things you can do to boost your health, and when you combine them all together, through your everyday healthy behaviors, they will compound and help you get the most out of life, whatever it brings in 2021. 

Here, to help you get started, are some simple suggestions. 

How to Set-Top Health Goals for 2021

Get Enough Sleep

How to Set Top Health Goals for 2021

Many of us feel like there are not enough hours in the day and that sleep cannot be a priority because we are too busy. But you need to get 7-9 hours of sleep each night in order to be able to use the time you do have effectively. This is a fundamental need that will have an impact on all other aspects of your life.

A constant lack of sleep means that your risk of chronic diseases, such as diabetes mellitus and heart disease, is increased. It suppresses your immune system too, which is a terrible thing in pandemic times. 

The mental effects of a lack of sleep are just as bad. You may feel more impatient or prone to mood swings. It can also compromise decision-making processes and creativity.

If sleep deprivation continues long enough, you could start hallucinating — seeing or hearing things that aren’t really there or begin having suicidal thoughts and/or panic attacks. 

Make getting enough sleep an extremely high priority in 2021 and you will already be well on the road to better health. 

How to Set-Top Health Goals for 2021

Eat Breakfast Every Day 

Eating breakfast has so many advantages, including increasing your concentration and metabolism and reducing your cholesterol. There is no perfect choice when it comes to breakfast choices – although McDonald’s is a bad idea – eat what works for you, but make sure the protein and whole grains are included in your morning meal, so you can remain full and satisfied until it is time for lunch. Breakfast can be as simple as a boiled egg or a bowl of high-fat yogurt.

How to Set-Top Health Goals for 2021

Keep a Food Diary

Not only can keeping a food log help you become conscious of how much you really consume during the day, but it will also make you stop and consider the consequences before reaching for that bag of crisps.

Obesity is a known risk factor for COVID-19, and so, maintaining a healthier weight is even more important in 2021 if you are going to continue to be as healthy as possible.  Consider introducing a high protein low carb diet to not only lose weight but build muscle mass and strength

How to Set-Top Health Goals for 2021

Increase Your Physical Strength

You will have to make this goal more specific depending on your current strength level, but most of us could use some more lean muscle on our bodies. When you have strong muscles, you reduce your risk of injury and make it easier to support a healthy body weight. Keep track of how much weight you can lift as you are trying to increase your strength so you can watch your progress. 

How to Set-Top Health Goals for 2021

Take the Time for Self-Care

How to Set Top Health Goals for 2021

Make sure to put yourself first by practicing self-care. Doing so allows you to take intentional time away from stress so you can be more resilient when you are facing challenges. Know what your boundaries are and set functional limits in order to operate at capacity in all the areas of your life.

One wonderful way to unplug from the world is to take up yoga. Yoga is excellent for your well-being because it encourages relaxation and allows you to build a connection between your mind and body. Yoga also helps improve your strength and endurance and helps you to maintain a balanced metabolism. Finally, it will help boost your respiration, energy, and vitality by teaching you the importance of concentrating on your breathing.

This last point maybe the most important as we all know stress kills and because this year has led us on such an extraordinary journey, invest in time out for your health today.

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